Comprehensive Services and Flexible Structure

In a partnership with MedQuest, you gain access to our comprehensive turnkey services for day-to-day management, marketing, billing, strategy and development, reducing the burden on your resources. We offer our partners a proven ability to gain market share in competitive environments through effective marketing and physician engagement, top-notch service to patients and referring physicians and uncompromising clinical quality.

Partnering with MedQuest allows you to advance your imaging operations through a flexible joint venture (JV) structure customized to meet your health system’s specific needs. MedQuest’s history of success in outpatient imaging, combined with a proven model of partnering with health systems, makes MedQuest a leading choice for a specialized imaging partner.

Five key factors than make MedQuest an ideal partner:

  • 1. Experience

    MedQuest operates nearly 50 centers in multiple states, with historical experience in more than 100 communities across the country. Our expertise includes:

    • Developing and maintaining successful centers in highly competitive markets
    • Consistently meeting goals for quality, patient satisfaction and financial performance
    • Managing all aspects of outpatient imaging within a large health system, coordinating effectively with other health system functions and service lines

  • 2. Knowledge

    We prepare your imaging network to meet the challenges of new trends such as consumerism and value-based care, allowing you to compete more effectively in today’s evolving healthcare marketplace. MedQuest helps you create and own a true strategy to maintain and grow market share by:

    • Driving operational efficiency and high throughput to keep operating costs low
    • Developing and equipping facilities to maximize return on capital investments and control ongoing space and equipment costs
    • Selecting the right locations to optimize access and convenience for patients
    • Delivering the triple aim of high-quality care, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction

  • 3. Market Share Gains

    MedQuest brings the proven experience to help you win and keep market share. Whether it’s working with physicians, patients or staff, we will improve referrals, workflow and marketing. This includes:

    • Implementing results-driven sales and marketing with proven methodology, training and access to real-time referral data
    • Providing a high-quality, end-to-end patient experience, from scheduling through exam completion and billing
    • Creating a strong web presence for your facilities and employing direct-to-consumer approaches to educate patients
    • Aggressively managing cancellations and no-shows to increase equipment utilization, maximize staff productivity and improve physician and patient satisfaction

  • 4. Understanding

    Thanks to our deep experience as a partner, we understand how to work effectively with hospitals and health systems. This experience has come in to play in many facets of imaging, including:

    • Integrating large-scale scheduling, marketing and capital project planning efforts to leverage resources across outpatient imaging and acute care hospital radiology departments
    • Managing major technology system initiatives, including Epic conversions, for large outpatient imaging networks
    • Working seamlessly on payer contracting with health system counterparts
    • Managing a large fleet of mobile imaging assets on a turnkey basis
    • Helping mission-driven organizations to balance quality, patient satisfaction and financial performance objectives

  • 5. Joint Venture Success

    By sharing capital burdens and offering flexible joint venture (JV) structures, MedQuest gives you the backing of a strong capital partner with deep financial resources, allowing you to stretch your capital dollars to accomplish more imaging objectives faster. MedQuest gets transactions done. We help you by:

    • Meeting your specific needs with a customized joint venture structure instead of a “one size fits all” approach
    • Working through all the necessary steps to structure successful transactions with hospital partners
    • Working collaboratively with you to make sound decisions on new locations, equipment and services to optimize imaging assets

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